Our message

FORNESA ABOGADOS is a professional firm created from an ambitious project and a definite aim to innovate. The partners, Tomàs Fornesa, Carlos Valls, Jaime Fernández Cortés, Juan José Hita, Alicia Herrador, Albert Giralt and Sergi Giménez all boast ample experience and a solid reputation. They have gathered a powerful team of exceptional professionals to face the challenge before them.

FORNESA ABOGADOS have a proactive attitude towards the constant changes which affect the profession (those which affect the market, consumers, business practice and models and, above all, legislation). Our work is agile and effective and achieves the legal solutions necessary in a world of global, digitalised, hyper-dynamic business in constant evolution.

FORNESA ABOGADOS high added value services with practicality and technical rigor. We get involved in the planning and development of our clients’ businesses, helping them achieve their aims with efficiency and legal security. Our services are provided by highly experienced, continually trained professionals, who work together in a multidisciplinary team.